Siemoniak and Emilewicz at the inauguration of 9th edition of Leadership School

This school is here for you to change your lives, to achieve success, and to transform your environment – was stated during the inaugural lecture of the 9th. SPIW edition, Igor Janke, founder of the School and president of the Freedom Institute. Over a hundred people participated in the first assembly.

II zjazd szkoły przywództwa instytutu wolności

Preparing for change at the 2nd meeting of the 9th edition of the Leadership School

We need to have a vision, to have the courage to throw off what is familiar and systematised in order to…

Siemoniak and Emilewicz at the inauguration of the 9th edition of the Leadership School

“We want Poland to be the best place to live on earth and to become one of the leaders in Europe. This is…

110 leaders will embark on their journey at the Leadership School in January!

Dear participants, we have completed the recruitment process for the 9th edition of the Leadership School! We…

Mateusz “Exen” Wodziński, a Citizen of Freedom in 2023

Mateusz “Exen” Wodziński has been named the laureate of the first-ever Freedom Citizen Award 2023,…

Freedom Ball and Citizen of Freedom Gala 2023

On November 11, 2023, at the Bellotto Hotel in Warsaw, an unforgettable Freedom Ball took place for the first…

National infrastructure projects development for Poland

Join us for a debate scheduled for December 11, 2023, at 6:00 PM, at the Freedom Lounge in Warsaw. Development…


BEPS 2.0 – Global Minimum Tax

BEPS 2.0 – a global minimum tax, as another variation on the reorganization of the international tax system…

Internationalization of Polish Higher Education

Polish universities have consistently remained in the middle ranks in international rankings for years. Year…

Walter Lippmann and the Geopolitical Genesis of the Atlantic Community and the Issue of Poland

The term “Atlantic Community” was introduced by Lippmann in 1917 in The New Republic. At that time,…

Taxation of the Digital Economy

International tax agreements, as well as national law, define the creation of a tax obligation in a given…

Immigration to Poland in the Context of Global Economic Changes.

Immigration is a complex topic. The arrival of immigrants to a country is seen as a manifestation of prosperity…

Demography of Poland and Ukraine – a zero-sum game.

Demographic problems are such a multi-faceted and complex issue that almost every demographer has their own…

Law in Action. How Regulations Impact Demographics

Demography. A Global Challenge Demography determines destiny, as the French philosopher Auguste Comte once…

Connected Vessels: Demography, Religion, and Migration.

Social sciences sometimes intertwine in surprising ways. When empirical observation and conclusions drawn from…

Migration strategy for Poland.

Migration is one of several key challenges facing Poland in the coming decades. If we want to be a strong…

Conversations with Iryna Novikova and Kateryna Pankiv – consultants in the Legal and Psychological Assistance Center for Ukrainian Citizens program.

Freedom Institute carries out the Help Ukraine program, within which refugees from Ukraine receive…

The Freedom Institute – more than a think tank

We are creating a community of engaged citizenswho want to influence reality.

We are a place for meetings, conversations, shaping and clashing of different visions for the development of Poland, Europe, and the world. We build the foundations of a strong and responsible society. We educate future elites – people capable of strategic thinking, efficient management of the state – active citizens involved in the life of the community – their environment, city, country. We collaborate with the business world, science, administration, and politics. We create initiatives supporting education, entrepreneurship; we participate in discussions on international matters, help build good relations between Poland and key partners abroad. We believe that a dynamically developing Poland, firmly rooted in th international structures of the European Union and NATO, can play an important role in shaping the security of sustainable development, stability, and peace worldwide.

  • Mission

  • Vission

Our Values

  • Freedom

    is a great gift that must be protected; it provides the space for creation.

  • Cooperation

    uniting the efforts of many individuals and entities gives strength

  • Commitment

    acting for the common good is the driving force of society

  • Patriotism

    responsibility for today and future Poland, remembering all who fought for its existence

  • Openness

    understanding the dynamically changing reality

  • Dialogue

    the ability to listen to people with different perspectives, different points of view, and values is essential for effective cooperation



“Almost a decade ago, many people didn’t believe in the success of the Institute’s project and activities. Today, after over 10 years, we are the best example that one can have a real impact on the future of Poland, Europe, and the world.”

Igor Janke

President and Founder of the Freedom Institute

  • Leadership School

  • Polish-Ukrainian
    Leadership School


  1. Andrew Michta

    (Atlatic Council) an American political scientist and Director of the Scowcroft Strategy Initiative at the Atlantic Council of the United State in Washington, DC, where he is also a Senior Fellow.

  2. Zbigniew Jagiełło

    Member of the Supervisory Board of Asseco. Former long-time President of PKO Bank Polski.

  3. gen. Rajmund Andrzejczak

    Polish general, serving as Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces in 2018–2023.

  4. Anna Maria Dyner

    Analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, specializing in security policy and Belarus.

  5. Larry Hirsch

    Chairman of Highlander Partners, L.P., a private equity firm that specializes in investments in the U.S. and Central Europe. Highlander Partners maintains offices in Dallas, Texas, Warsaw, Poland, and Bucharest, Romania. Charmain of CEPA.

  6. Krzysztof Pawiński

    Co-founder and CEO of the Maspex Group.

  7. Rafał Brzoska

    Founder and CEO of InPost and investor in FoodWell.

  8. Ben Hodges

    The former Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Senior Advisor at Human Rights First, and Senior Mentor for NATO in logistics.

  9. Katarzyna Pisarska

    Founder and Chairwoman of the European Academy of Diplomacy.

  10. Jadwiga Emilewicz

    Politician, political scientist, and cultural manager. Former Minister of Development.


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