About us

  • Mission

  • Vission

Our Values

  • Freedom

    is a great gift that must be protected; it provides the space for creation.

  • Cooperation

    uniting the efforts of many individuals and entities gives strength

  • Commitment

    acting for the common good is the driving force of society

  • Patriotism

    responsibility for today and future Poland, remembering all who fought for its existence

  • Openness

    understanding the dynamically changing reality

  • Dialogue

    the ability to listen to people with different perspectives, different points of view, and values is essential for effective cooperation

The history of the Institute

  1. 2012

  2. 2013

  3. 2014

  4. 2015

  5. 2016

  6. 2017

  7. 2018

  8. 2019

  9. 2020

  10. 2021

  11. 2022

  12. 2023

Cooperation and partnership

Support us!

When our values align with your vision for the future of Polandand the world, together we can achieve much more

Interesting conferences and events, regular publication of reports and articles – all of these constitute the foundation of the Institute’s operation. Your support enables us to maintain independence and impartiality in our ongoing activities.

The Freedom Institute Foundation
Hoża 27/14, 00-521 Warszawa

Nr konta: 13 1090 2851 0000 0001 1924 2365
Titled: “Donation for statutory purposes”

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