Instytut Wolności – The Freedom Institute is an independent think tank 

We are working for a strong, safe, democratic Poland in the heart of the western world. Our vision for Poland is that of a strong, effective and responsible state rooted in stable, transparent, and well-managed institutions.

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Our projects

Szkoła Przywództwa The Leadership School of the Freedom Institute

Program aimed at future leaders. We invite young people from all over the country who share a commitment to serving their community. We work with people who want to strengthen Polish democracy, engage in Polish and European politics, innovate, and develop social networks.

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Duel Amical

As part of the “For a nuanced image of V4 countries in the EU” project, we co-create the Duel Amical portal. Our goal is to present readers from Western Europe a balanced image of our region. We invite you to cooperate and publish articles about the problems of Central Europe, its social, economic and political problems. Learn more >>  


Leadership – Level up

The “Leadership – level up” program is a new venture of the Freedom Institute focused on key areas for the development of Poland. The program is addressed to 40 people who are planning or are already actively participating in public life, especially in the political and economic area. Learn more >> 


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The Miracle Man on the Vistula

The Miracle Man on the Vistula

Late in the evening of August 12, 1919, Herbert Hoover’s train from Switzerland arrived in Warsaw. As Hoover recalled,...

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4th edition of the Leadership School Grand Finale

4th edition of the Leadership School Grand Finale

IT specialist, psychologist, mayor, a ministerial employee and an engineer – nearly 100 graduates received the diplomas of the...

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Three models of capitalism – debate

Three models of capitalism – debate

On May 25, the Freedom Institute organized a debate on three models of capitalism. Etatism? Liberalism? Solidarity? which model...

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Team and Experts

Igor Janke

Founder and President of the Freedom Institute

Przemysław Barański

Member of the Board of the Institute of Freedom, project coordinator

Maciej Piotrowski

Communication specialist at the Freedom Institute, editor of the Freedom Instututes Biuletin

Patryk Szostak

Coordinator of the Polish-German project

Agata Wittchen-Barełkowska

Editor of the magazine "Poland in Practice"

Anna Urbańska

Expert on the labor market

Łukasz Chorchos

Expert on higher education

Przemysław Antas

Expert in law and taxation

Nicholas Siekierski

Expert on US policy

Maciej Grubiński

Cybersecurity expert

Adrian Purzycki

Editor of the "Ukrainian Express"